Englewood Cliffs Superintendent Assumes Duties

Robert Kravitz is now officially the Superintendent of Schools in Englewood Cliffs after a somewhat uncertain future.

The Englewood Cliffs Public School District now officially has a new superintendent.

Robert Kravitz, who replaced Dominic Mucci, started Monday.

Kravitz was part of an administrative shakeup in Fort Lee during which he was reassigned to Lewis F. Cole Middle School from Fort Lee School No. 3.

“I’m officially here and very excited,” Kravitz said. “We’re ready to rock here.”

After his appointment in early August to the post in Englewood Cliffs, he resigned from his position in Fort Lee, but due to contractual obligations, he had to continue to serve in the role until Oct. 5 or until Fort Lee released him, whichever came first, Kravitz previously told Patch.

As it turns out, Oct. 5 came first, and Kravitz had to serve out his term in Fort Lee.

“We are changing the culture,” now Superintendent Kravitz told Patch Wednesday. “They’ve done a lot of great things in Englewood Cliffs, and we’re even going to get better.”

When Kravitz, a former businessman who wrote a book about how he used his personal and professional experiences as a businessman and entrepreneur to help the elementary school he led in Fort Lee to attain the prestigious designation as a national Blue Ribbon School, was a principal in Fort Lee, he had a mantra:

“School No. 3 is the place to be.”

As the superintendent in Englewood Cliffs, he’s got a new one.

“Here our logo is the Eagles,” Kravitz said. “We’re going to soar even higher above the Palisades—one community; one group striving for every child to learn.”

Kravitz said he’s met a lot of “wonderful people” in Englewood Cliffs and has spent the past couple of days in meetings “just getting to know people and just getting a positive vibe here.”


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